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Emerald™­ 118


18 Stitches: Utility stitches for sewing and mending, Tri-motion stitches for knits and Reinforcing, and Decorative stitches for creative projects

8 Snap On Presser Feet:

Variable Stitch Length and Width: Stitch Lenght (0-4 mm) Stitch Width (0-5 mm)

Adjustable Foot Pressure and Feed Teeth Drop

Needle Up / Down

Speed Adjustment

Sewing Guide Reference Chart: Refer to your build-in reference chart for recommendations on correct presser foot, stitch length, stitch width, thread tension, and presser foot pressure, for your fabric type and sewing technique

Built-in Needle Threader

One Step Buttonhole

Built-in Ruler, and Slide-On Storage Box.

Horizontal and Vertical Spool Pins

The Emerald 118 is Lightweight (16 lbs) and comes with a Built-In Handle,and Hard-Shell Cover